Thanksgiving Week hours and holiday information

Thanksgiving Holiday Closing

With Thanksgiving coming up, we have holiday updates and hours to post!

As a reminder, there will be NO class this week Thursday, Friday, or Saturday so that our black belts can spend time with their friends and families.

In addition, classes are usually sparsely attended the night before holiday weekends. If you are running late for intermediate class or weapons Wednesday night, please give us a call. If no one shows up, we usually lock up and go home early; however, we would hate to leave anyone locked out if they want to train.

Classes will resume Monday, November 27th. We look forward to working off that extra serving of Thanksgiving turkey or potatoes.

NAKA Christmas Party Reminder

Finally, the deadline for NAKA holiday dinner tickets is TOMOROW (Tuesday, November 21st). If you want to come see your fellow outside their uniforms and in something nice, this is the place to do so. If this is something you want to do, please stop in, call, or email us directly!

When: Saturday, December 2nd from 5 pm to midnight
Where: Marvela’s on Fox Lake Ingleside, IL
How Much:

  • Adults 14+: $45
  • Children 4-13: $35
  • Children under 4: Free

There will be door prizes, dancing, and dinner provided. In addition, you get to see everyone who tested this year get their black belt certificates.

There’s no time to wait. Sign up today!

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