Spring 2024 Tournament

In March, the North America KiMudo Association is hosting their tournament. This tournament will be held on March 3rd at Brookwood Middle School(1020 Hunter Ridge Drive, Genoa City) in Genoa City.

This is a great opportunity to meet students from other schools in the organization and discover how much you know. This year, there are a total of 4 events you can participate in. White Belts through Green Stripes can participate in open hand forms and sparring. Additionally, Green belts on up can participate in Padded Weapons Sparring and Weapons Forms as well as the other events. We require participation in at least 3 tournaments by the time you test for black belt.

For those of you with blue on your belts, I highly encourage you to get to at least one tournament this year. While not required for you, it will be required for your junior ranks. I encourage everyone to start participating early. You never know when life might throw you a curve ball and keep you out of that future tournament you definitely though you’d be ready for.

As promised, here is the tournament registration information! Tournament Registration | (Google Forms)
Early bird pricing runs through 2/16, then the early, but not early bird, registration will go from 2/16 to 2/22, so PLEASE sign up early and save!

Early Bird Registration ends February 16th!
  • 1 Event: $50
  • 2-3 Events: $60
  • 4 Events: $65
Online Registration ends February 23rd.
  • 1 Event: $60
  • 2-3 Events: $70
  • 4 Events: $75
Registering at the door is more expensive, but still possible.
  • 1 Event: $70
  • 2-3 Events: $80
  • 4 Events: $85

Sparring Gear and Face Shields

Now is the time to try on your uniform, sparring gear, and weaponry to ensure it still fits. We will be putting in a final tournament order for specialized gear on Friday, February 9th.

With this order, we are putting together an order of clear plastic Evolution Face Shields for sparring and padded weapons sparring. There is a sign up on the white board for anyone interested in picking one up. Anyone who signs up in advance will receive $5 off their face shield.

Upcoming Seminars

We also have more information about the Master Bill Wallace seminar!
On Friday, April 5th, 5-8 PM 23-0 undefeated martial artist, Master Bill Wallace will visit Wisconsin for a seminar.

Pricing is to-be-determined, but should be around $35-45 per person. Signups for this one are not open yet. Once they are, don’t wait – space will be limited!

See you in class

-Master Nick and Miss Amanda

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