October 2021 Newsletter–Tournament Cancelation and Upcoming Events

Hello and happy autumn!

As the weather gets colder, we invite you to cozy up in your favorite sweater and enjoy some apple cider while we share news about upcoming events.

First, the North American KiMudo Association (NAKA) canceled the 2021 fall tournament. To keep sparring and forms competitive, we needed at least 85 participants. At the end of pre-registration, we only had about 60 registrants. That meant that either brackets would have only had 1-2 participants or we would have had to combine brackets to include a broader range of ranks and ages. We felt the result wouldn’t be as fun or rewarding to you. We are disappointed, but will continue to spar and will try to include more special events this fall.

Secondly, October is Bullying Prevention Month, and we like to take a minute to talk about bullying, conflicts, and communication. We never want to misuse our martial arts training. In classes with  young students, we may take 10-15 minutes to talk about protecting yourself from bullies, and resolving conflict without violence. While Sun Tzu may be a bit involved for our youngest students, Master Yoda summed it up well when he said, “Great warrior? Wars not make one great.”

Upcoming Events

Mark these dates on your Calendar! We’d hate for any important events to slip past your schedule.

  • CANCELLED October 3 » 2021 NAKA Fall Tournament
  • October 3 » Aikido Workshop
  • October 3 » Save the Tiger Academy Tournament @ Barrington Tiger Academy
  • October 16 » Black Belt Pre-Test
  • October 28th » Costume Classes
  • November 6 » Black Belt Test
  • November 20 » Colored Belt Test
  • December 4 » NAKA Christmas Party

Aikido Workshop

Sensei Garza is visiting our school on Sunday, October 3rd. Sensei Roberto Garza is the founder and Chief Instructor of Sosei Aikido Kyokai. He and his students are always a positive influence and a delight to work with. On Sunday, he and his senior students will teach a longer format class. Together, we will explore rolling, joint locks throws, and pins. We are holding this event at no additional cost to you.

  • When: Sunday, October 3rd 1 pm – 4 pm
  • Who: Green stripes through black belts, ages 12 and older are welcome to join us. Due to complex nature of Aikido, this event is not recommended for younger students.
  • Cost: Free to students

Save the Tiger Academy Tournament

In lieu of a NAKA Tournament, the Tiger Academy of Barrington is hosting their own tournament, Sunday, October 3rd.  While this is not a NAKA event, all students are welcome to compete and help our fellow martial artists. Events include ring sparring, forms, weapon forms (green belts and up), and weapons sparring.

  • When: Sunday, October 3rd, 8:80 a.m. for Black Belts, 10:30 a.m. for Grand Opening.
  • Who: All students and their families
  • Cost: $55 to compete, $5/family for spectators

Let us know if you would like to register to compete or volunteer to help. We will get you in touch with the right people. Entry fees can either be paid to us or at the door. Spectators can pay at the door.

Costumed Classes

Each year, we like to give students a chance to celebrate Halloween. This year, we are observing the spooky season on Thursday, October 28th. Students are encouraged to wear their costumes to class to participate in our costume contest. That night, classes will focus more on self defense. We want every student and parent to feel confident that they can protect themselves while they enjoy the spooktacular weekend.

NAKA Christmas Party

On December 4th 2021, NAKA will host our annual Christmas party, and present certificates to the Black Belts who promoted this year. Seven of our students have worked hard and earned their belts. This year, celebrations will be weld at Marvela’s Fox Lake Banquet Hall. We welcome everyone to join us for food and festivity. We recommend formal attire for this event. Tickets are $36 for adults, and $30 for children. Families are welcome to attend.

To keep up to date, please RSVP using the google form.  This helps us track our numbers, so we know what to expect. This worked marvelously this summer when we prepared the outdoor picnic.

Thank you all for your effort to make these events fun. We look forward to seeing you at whatever events fit your schedule.

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