NAKA’s 2021 Annual Christmas Party

Hello students!

The leaves have only just started to turn, and already it is time to talk about the Holiday season. This year, NAKA will host our annual Christmas party on Saturday, December 4th.

The Christmas party lets us get together outside the dojang and celebrate the Black Belts who promoted. This year, we will present Black Belt Certificates to seven of our very own students.

This year’s celebration will be weld at Marvela’s Fox Lake Banquet Hall. We welcome everyone to join us for food and festivity.  The venue is requiring masks when we enter the event and get up for food. At the table, you are free to take them off as you see fit. Previous events have included dancing and a raffle.

This year, Christmas Party Tickets are $36 for adults, and $30 for children. You are welcome to invite your family members. This is a semiformal event so dust off your nice shoes, and reserve your spot today.

To keep up to date, please RSVP using the google form.

Thank you all for your effort to make these events fun.

We look forward to seeing you at whatever events fit your schedule.

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