May 2023 Color Belt Test

Hello students and their parents,

Summer and summer events are on the horizon. I’ll do my best to get us through this quickly.

Colored Belt Test

As of this writing we have approximately 31 students who are either eligible, or nearly eligible to test May 20th.

We will begin handing out test papers THIS WEEK. As usual, please return them as soon as possible, and we will be making final testing decisions the week of the 15th leading up to the test. The focus of classes from now until the 20th will be Test Prep. If you have any areas that you feel you need work on, please let us know and we will try to cover those areas in class.  Finally, all students are welcome to come to additional classes during the run up to the test – we would much rather you feel confident and prepared. 

As of this writing, we anticipate having 2 groups for test. The Schedule for the groups will be as follows

  • 1st Group: Green Belt on up
    • Arrive by 9:00 AM.
    • Start at 9:30 AM.
    • End by 11:30 AM
  • 2nd Group: White belt to Green Stripe
    • Arrive by 11:15 AM.
    • Start at 11:45 AM.
    • End by 1:15 PM.

Your group is determined by your CURRENT RANK, so a Green stripe testing for Green belt is in the SECOND group.

All students are expected to wear their FULL White uniform (pants and jacket) for test.  Since the weather is getting warmer, I also recommend that you begin training in your full uniform if you are used to only wearing a school t-shirt. Your uniform can feel much warmer, and you don’t want to run into a surprise on the test!

As always, we invite students who have reached RED STRIPES and UP  sit on the testing board for the Second Group if they are available. This is a good opportunity to advance your training, as well another event to put on your résumé’s for Black Belt

Lost and Found 

Over the course of the past year we have accumulated quite a collection of items that have become separated from their owners. We have items ranging from Winter coats, to lost socks and a parade of water bottles that are looking for a home.  

Sadly, we do not have space to keep them all forever. 

We will be donating ALL unclaimed lost and found items at the end of this month (Specifically Friday, May 26th). You have until then to review the lost and found bin, and the bottle collection (it’s near the front door – ask us if you need help finding it). If anything is yours, please collect it, or if you are unavailable, let us know and we can set it aside. 

Seminars, Seminars, Seminars!

We have a busy seminar with all sorts of opportunities to expand your martial arts horizon

Sunday June 4th we have Master John Cantin teaching a Kali Seminar at our school. Registration is 20$ per student for registrations before June 1st. Registration will be 25$ after the 1st.

You can RSVP for the Kali Seminar here.  Kali sticks are required for this seminar, but if you need a set, we are offering a 10% discount!

We also have other seminars on the horizon for later in the summer, but it’s a bit early to talk about those – Watch your email for more information as we get it!

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