Holiday Newsletter

Hello high kickers!

Winter is fast approaching, and the holidays are not far behind. First, let’s work to make this a safe and fun holiday season for everyone, starting with the weather. Elkhorn Flying Dragons has partnered with TMJ4 to announce any school closings. The Perks and I grew up further north and are used to driving in a lot more snow. That doesn’t mean you have to! If you feel uncomfortable driving, please join us via zoom. Those links are available in our email newsletter.

Holiday Schedule

  • Thursday, December 22nd: No 7 pm Aikido
  • Saturday, December 24th: CLOSED! 
  • Monday, December 26th: CLOSED
  • Saturday, December 31st: CLOSED
  • Monday, January 2nd: CLOSED

Holiday Gift Guide

We made a list. I checked it twice, and the shirt order is underway! Our supplier hopes to get shirts in later this week so he can start printing! For those of you who did not get a t-shirt, we still have you covered.

Weapons and sparring gear packages are on SALE through Wednesday, December 21st. If you buy a sparring gear package OR any combination of 4 or more weapons, you receive 15% off your purchase! You are always welcome to use your dragon dollars towards purchases!

Late Classes

This month’s weapons are Jian (Chinese straight sword) 0n Mondays and Bokken (Wooden Katana) on Wednesdays. Please bring your weapons to class. We have some available, but they certainly not enough for every student. At tournament, Green belts are eligible to compete in weapons forms and padded weapons sparring. The best time to start training is now.

Secondly, the week between Christmas and New Years presents some of our least populated late classes. If you are running late but planning to come to a 7 pm class, please give us a call. I would hate to think no one’s coming and close up before you get here!

Finally, we are making final plans for our late class schedule for that holiday week. We’ve created a form to determine interest in late classes. We will be making final decisions on Tuesday, December 15th.

If there is interest in late classes, we are more than happy to schedule a teacher and cover them; however we are a family business and I’d like to give Jonathan, Jodi, Chance, and Nick Z a chance to spend time with their families–especially if we know no one is going to come to a class.

Thank you and enjoy some Holiday Eggnog for us!

Amanda and the Masters Perk

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