Cleaning out the Weapons Closet

Claim your weapons in the office before Labor Day Weekend

This year Elkhorn Flying Dragons made a goal to clean out our weapons closet and we need your help! The weapons closet was overflowing. We took 42 bo staff, 10 bokken, 12 kali, and one set of nunchucks from the closet and moved them to the office. If you store your weapons in our closet, please stop by the office to pick them up and label them. You are more than welcome to store them in the closet or take them home.

You may notice that we sell a lot of the same gear. Without initials, we have no way to get it back to you! We had one sparring helmet in the lost and found for two months this spring.

We need to make room for new and current students to store their gear. Some of these weapons have been in the closet longer than even our black belts have been training.

Please pick up your weapons before Labor Day Weekend. If you cannot make it into the school before then, give us a call during our regular hours, and we will try to locate and mark them. Let us know if you’d prefer to pick them up or have them returned to the closet.

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