May 2021 Newsletter: Parking, Belt Testing, and upcoming events

Hello and happy spring. I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather.

Parking Update

In an effort to return to normal, Elkhorn Flying Dragons will use the front door for all traffic. On May 1st, the check-in computer moved to the front of the school. In the hallway, be mindful of social distancing and move conversations into the audience area or onto the mat. The blue tape on the wall is spaced six feet apart for easy reference.

Since New Years, the martial arts school has grown, and single direction traffic is no longer practical. When dropping off students, please park in a designated space to escort your children into the school. Thank you for your perseverance this last year as we explored uncharted territories.

Colored Belt Test: Saturday May 15th.

We have a finalized testing schedule for this weekend

Please note due to the test, the 5/15 Kimudo and Aikido classes are canceled
Next Saturday, class will resume as normal 5/22.

The schedule for the test groups is as follows:

Green belts on up
Test starts at 9:00 AM. Please arrive by 8:30 AM

Yellow belts and Green stripes
Test starts at 11:30 AM. Please arrive by 11:00 AM

White belts and Yellow Stripes
Test starts at 1:00 PM. Please arrive by 12:30 PM

All students testing are expected to wear their full white uniform. Please bring your sparring gear if you have it. Green belts on up should also bring any weapons that they need for their forms

Tournament Postponement

Due to insurance concerns with the outdoor tournament, Tournament has been postponed until Fall. We believe the next tournament will occur in the September/October timeframe.

Upcoming Weapon: Kali Sticks

On Monday, May 3rd at 7 p.m., bring your kali sticks to weapons class at 7 p.m., and we will explore the Arnis, the national art of the Philippines.

Memorial day weekend

The school will be closed Saturday 5/29 through Monday 5/31 in observance of Memorial day weekend. Classes will resume as normal Tuesday 6/1

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