HYW 67 Road Construction Update

We received the today and are sharing it with our students…

Hello Everyone,
       As we approach the 4th of July Holiday I would like to update everyone with the status of the project. The amount of traffic coming through the closed road is still manageable. If you must use the road, please slow down through the construction area.
We have finished expanding the north end of the roadway within the city and are currently working on placing the curb and gutter. There are several trenches that are filled with road gravel and will be maintained as best as possible.
The grading contractor is finished with the work that he can do until the utility work is completed.
We are going to be removing the pavement from the south end to the north end of the project starting on Monday June 25th. We will have a high level of activity in these areas with trucks and heavy equipment and therefore we are closing the area where they are removing the asphalt. We will have flaggers at the side roads on either end of the work area. Flaggers will allow people who need to have direct access to a business or residence within the work area only, all others will be turned away and will need to use the detour or other routes. We ask businesses that have other means of access other than WI 67 to have employees and customers to use them during this time. If they get to the flaggers, they will be instructed to use the other access. If they know ahead of time it may save everyone time and frustration. This may be a few days per area depending on length between side roads and other conditions. When we do remove the pavement, mostly gravel will remain.
This will be followed by a crew grading and preparing the gravel for asphalt paving. This operation will be using flaggers and allowing a single lane through at a time. Driving conditions on gravel are much different than pavement, so please use caution when driving and please only travel through if you need to.
After the 4th of July we will begin placing the lower layer of the pavement. The operation will be similar to the removal and therefore the restrictions will be the same with the flaggers allowing only people needing to be in the area access through. This will begin at the south end of the project and move north toward Elkhorn. This operation will take a couple of weeks. This is only the lower layer and the paving process will be repeated again toward the end of the project for the final layer.
I would like to tell you more about the schedule for the summer, however due to a delay by utility companies the contractor has had to continually adjust the schedule to try and keep the work operations moving forward. As the schedule becomes known with an amount of certainty I will send out up dates.
As people need to travel through the project, I ask that they slow down, move over and be patient.
If there is anyone that could benefit from this email please forward it to them or send me there email address if they wish.
Thank You,
Matthew Smith
Engineering Specialist Advanced
STH 67 Construction Project
262-336-8171 Field Office
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