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Colored Belt Testing

Colored Belt Testing is scheduled for Saturday January 20.

Green Belts and up start at 9 AM.  Plan to arrive by 8:30 AM. (Bring your sparring gear and weapons)
White through Green Stripe start at 11:30 AM.  Plan to arrive by 11:00 AM.
Remember, testing is done in your full white uniform.  Green belts and up should have your patches.
See Mrs. Perk to turn in your test papers
As always, Black Belts (and higher ranks – red and up) we would appreciate your help on the testing board.

This also means that there will NOT be the regular 10:30 AM KimuDo class or the 11:45 Aikido class.

Tournament Tune-Up

Saturday February 10,  2 PM to 5 PM

Tournament is scheduled for March 4. We will be getting ready with this Tune-Up event. There will be Sparring, Weapons Sparring, Forms & Breaking practice.

Did you buy a sparring package for Christmas? Your admission is included.

Admission $15

15th Annual All School Banquet

Come and help us kick the winter blues!

Tropical attire is encouraged
$20.00 per person
$13 for kids 4 to 12
3 and under free
Cash bar for adult beverages

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